From London to Melbourne

I just met your long-haul flight from London – you look bedraggled and tired; and all I want to do is take care of you…

After a long drive, we arrive at my place. It is steaming hot outside. But a light mist of tropical rain is forming.
I fumble at the door for my keys.

Raindrops trickle from my hair.
dancing tonguesYou kiss me, our tongues dancing to the most delicious, most beautiful and passionate rhythm.
My fingers trace your cheekbones, down the side of your face, across the breadth of your shoulders and down your arms.
I take your hand and bring it to my mouth.
I suck your fingers, putting each one entirely into my mouth and sucking it gently.

against wallYou pick me up.
I wrap my legs around your waist.
You imprison me within your grasp and the wall.
We kiss again, deeper this time.
I caress the back of your head and run my fingernails down the centre of your back, tickling your spine through your shirt.

Our clothing is damp from the rain.
wet tshirtYou can see my hard nipples protruding through my singlet. You tug the shoulder straps down and nibble on my left nipple while massaging my right breast with your warm hand, rubbing your thumb across my nipple, occasionally pinching it so I gasp.
You grind your hips between my legs and I can feel your cock hard against my pussy.
I can’t help myself; I begin to thrust my hips into your cock, through your pants.

You gently release me from your hold and turn me around so I am facing the wall. You reach around me and grab my nipples, tweaking them roughly.
I moan.
passionI turn my face to the side to meet your tongue.
We kiss as your left hand reaches between my thighs and your fingers find my pussy, pushing my panties to the side.
I reach around to grab the back of your neck, pulling your tongue closer into my mouth as I grind my pussy onto your fingers.
You now have two fingers inside me and I am fucking them.

You pull away from me.
I protest.
You kneel before me, pushing my skirt over the curve of my hips to my waist, and then tear my g-string off.
squeezeYou grab my arse cheeks firmly and bite each one of them softly. You take mouthful after mouthful until I am marked by you.
I squirm a little from the pain you are causing.
I squirm a little from the pleasure you are causing.

From behind and below, you bury your face in between my legs.
I arch my back, pushing my arse further into your face.
You suck on my clit from behind.
You finger fuck my arse while I grind both my pussy and arse onto your face and tongue.
I am moaning uncontrollably as you devour my being and finger my arse.

Suddenly, you stop and I turn around.
You pick me up and I wrap my legs around your waist again.
We kiss as you carry me inside & lay me softly on the couch.

With a fire burning inside me, I lick the sweetness from your lips.
I softly suckle on your bottom lip for the life-giving energy of your kisses.
My want grows more intense as your hand caresses my back and the nape of my neck.

You kneel over me and slowly take your shirt off, letting it fall silently to the floor.
You reach through the darkness to feel the smooth surface of my skin.
Gently, you peel away my singlet.

I touch you where you need to be touched the most, caressing your twitching cock through the pants you are still wearing.
You cannot restrain yourself any longer as you capture the softness of my boobs and knead my tender nipples beneath your fingers.
With each stroke, I can feel my body aching.
You reach with an open mouth to imbibe of my tits.
You lick the tip of my left nipple.
Slowly, you close your lips to encompass the entire mass.
You suck for moments that seem to last an eternity.
Then you bite gently, drawing a little more with each increasing bite.

You stop for a moment, lifting your face from my heaving chest.
You watch as my nipple shivers under the air-conditioning.
You blow a gentle puff of air to dry the moisture from me, and watch as my nipple hardens further.

You lick a soft trail down to my belly button, kissing my skin gently with each pause. You pull the rest of my clothing off to reveal my quivering body.

I cannot control my desire any longer.
I sit up, anxiously undo your belt buckle, and unzip your pants.
You help me slide your pants off completely and you kick them aside.

head 1I drink in your beautiful, scrumptious-tasting cock with my eyes – biting on my bottom lip in anticipation of the tremendous amount of delight it will bring me.
Gently, I take you into my hands and slide up and down the shaft with one hand and massage your balls lightly with the other.

I want so badly to partake.
I take the tip of my tongue and lick your knob straight down the middle, immediately tasting your delicious pre-cum.
I want some more, lots more, so I take the entire hardness of your cock into my mouth and suckle on it, contracting my cheek muscles in and out as I attempt to draw every single drop that exists onto my awaiting taste buds.

The intensity grows as you feed me your dick, gliding more and more of it into my mouth, directing it in and out.
I moan with delight as you fill my throat.
My own saliva begins to dribble from the sides of my mouth onto my erect nipples.
I bend my neck back. I can feel you hitting the back of my open throat while your balls slam into my chin.

You tell me you don’t want to cum yet and you slide it slowly from my mouth.
lickingMy appetite is not yet sated so I lick around the shaft with the tip of my tongue in long, circular strokes.
My tongue reaches under your throbbing dick and tickles your balls.
You moan a little and run your fingers through my hair while I take your ball sack gently into my mouth and bounce it around on my tongue.
I am a kid in a candy store – I want to taste a bit of everything.

You stand before me.
My tongue begins a journey from your belly button, up your stomach, to your nipples, which I gently nibble on.
You lift my chin so I am looking into your eyes and kiss me with an intensity I have never known.

My pussy is so wet!
I can feel drops of my own juices running down my thighs as the rain continues outside and a warm breeze invades our private haven through the open door that we have forgotten.

You take my hand and lead me to my bedroom, to the edge of the bed.
I lay back as you crouch between my legs.
You drink from my hot, very wet cunt.

2013-07-27 15.33.33It is covered with my juices by now.
You hold my thighs open with your hands and use your fingers to hold the lips of my pussy open.
I moan as I lose control of my body, surrendering myself to you completely.
I can feel your tongue drive its way between my throbbing pussy walls.
You stick a finger, wet with my essence, into my arse and begin to finger fuck it while you tongue-fuck my minge.
I crush my cunt into your face and begin to cum.
I can feel you drinking all of it out of my pussy.
After concentrating solely on my pussy, I can feel you lapping up all the nectar that had trickled down my thighs earlier as if to make sure not to let one drop go to waste.

Forcefully, you stand between my legs and ask if I am ready to feel you inside me.
You stick the fingers of one of your hands into my mouth.
I can taste myself on them.
I suck on your fingers as your other hand is still busy fingering my pussy.

thumb suckingAs I lay there, looking up at you, suck-ling on your fingertips, I see you lean forward and feel the head of your cock opening my pussy.
You glide it in and I arch my back, pushing my pussy further onto the edge of the bed and onto your dick.
You thrust it in and out of my hot, contracting pussy, making me take a little more of it each time it invades my walls.

You fuck me harder and harder until I can feel your balls slamming up against my arse.
I can feel myself climax again and I let out a low scream.
I caress my own nipples with one hand and grab you by the back of your neck with the other, forcing your knob deeper within me.

legs chestYou force my legs over my shoulders, using your chest to hold them in place, and begin to fuck me with no mercy.
I cannot take it.

I grab onto the headboard trying to pull away as you pound your dick deeper and deeper into me.
I can feel the head of your dick inside my stomach.
It is a confusing mixture of pain and pleasure, but I want it all.
I want you to tear my pussy up, fuck me like I have never imagined, so I take it … over and over again.

Welcome to Melbourne!

5 thoughts on “From London to Melbourne

  1. staring at your ass and reading this line “You lick a soft trail down to my belly button, kissing my skin gently with each pause.” I wanked it was good thanks

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