(dedicated to my muse)

2013-08-14 18.31.08I am massaging my clit ‘til it aches.

I dip my middle finger into my wet, yearning cunt.

I wet my small, purple butt plug with my juices. It is about the size of your thumb, I slowly and carefully insert the plug. It fills me. I love that feeling…filled.

I grab my vibrator – it has a clit tickler and g-spot massager. My pussy breathes it in. I can feel both toys within me…filling me up.

I click the little white button and it starts to hum. I press again, it hums and vibrates a little more. I press the button again and my muscles tighten around the toy.

For a short while, I appreciate the comforting and familiar hum inside me.

I slide my right hand over the curve of my tummy, moving upwards and under my left breast. My hand skims over the sensitive skin. My thumb nail dances over my erect nipple. I like that. I do it again and it sends shudders through my body.

I am ready for the next step in this familiar process.

I grab hold of the Magic Wand and place its head on the clit tickler, against the shaft of the vibrator. I turn it on.

The Magic Wand super charges the vibrator. The g-spot massager moves at a faster, more intense speed. The clit tickler is no longer just tickling. I am writhing and moaning. My body is calling out to be satisfied.

I turn the Magic Wand up to its highest speed.

Holy Fuck! My whole body tenses up…please, please…let me cum!

Waves of intense heat and pleasure radiate from my throbbing cunt.

I lay, sated, too relaxed to bother removing the toys. I just turn them off and leave them within me, like leaving your spent cock within me after you have filled me with your hot cum.

It is a pleasurable feeling…just a little weight and pressure on my throbbing parts.


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