Pressed into Service

Hi Babe, I text you, I’ve got a surprise for you tonight.

Then I attach the picture

phoneand press send.

I let out my breath. I’ve done it now and there’s no going back.

I’ve been playing with you for a couple of weeks now and there are some things that I’d like to explore. I just don’t know how to tell you without getting embarrassed, or you thinking I’m kinky.

I begin my preparations.

I jump in the shower and wash my hair. With the lather, I shave my pussy and underarms. More lather and I wash my arse and arsehole, slipping my fingers in and out. Shit! That’s easy when you’re all lathered up – maybe we need to try it in the shower? The lather makes my entire body silky and slippery and I run my hands from my right ankle, up my leg, dance across my pussy – God, I’m horny, I can feel the heat being generated from down there, but I’ll save it up for you later – up my tummy, over my breasts, over my shoulders and up to my head. Regretfully, I rinse the lather from my body.

I step from the shower and continue to get ready for you.

Knowing that I am getting ready for you, to have sex with you, to fuck you, makes me all girly and giggly. I have butterflies in my tummy and I can feel the heat being turned up on my sexual appetite.

I get dressed – silly getting dressed for sex, isn’t it? – and move around the house, lighting every candle I own. No lights are needed and the warmth from the candles is getting me hot. I turn some music on very low.

The doorbell chimes so I quickly put ice in the scotch that I had waiting for you. Deep breath. Seemingly confident, I open the door.

Welcome, I say, wearing a tiny, one-shouldered, black chiffon dress that barely covers my butt.

Please come in and I hand you your drink. I turn, on my cherry-red stilettos, to lead you into the living-room. You look slightly taken aback and surprised. Oh…I hope it’s a good surprised. I’m feeling vulnerable; I’m about to really put myself out there. I take a deep breath…And turn back to face you.

Please, take a seat, I say, hoping that I look and sound like a high-class hooker, Here’s our menu. Please take your time choosing which services you would like tonight.

I leave you, slightly stunned, in the living room to peruse the menu I put together for tonight’s fun. I’m hoping you choose some of the things that we don’t normally do. I want to explore and try new things. I want to push the boundaries (I think!)

I return to the living-room.

So, sir, how may I service you today?

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