A Different Wish for Pandora’s Box

I wanna kiss your ass, would you like that? you growl from somewhere down there.

Oh, I like to be licked and kissed all over.
I’d really like you to lick around the rim and into my asshole. That would have me squealing with pleasure.
Then silence me, take my breath away, by pushing a wet finger inside…sliding it slowly in & out, to begin with…then speeding up.
I’d like you to slap my butt…HARD!
wrappedI’d really like you to eat my pussy at the same time…nibbling tenderly at my clit, swirling your tongue around the lips of my cunt. Then thrusting it into my wet hole, fucking me with your tongue.
I really like the idea of both my holes being filled by you, of my legs wrapped around your head, of fucking your face.
I’d like you to spread the juices from my over-flowing pussy into my ass, and see how many of your fingers will fit within its depths.
I’d like to know if you can open me up, wider than anyone has before.
I’d like to see if my asshole will flower to contain your shaft.
I’d like to feel the tip of your cock at the rim of my whole.
I’d like to experience your head invading my space, diving deeper.
I want you to explore me from the inside out.
I want to trust you enough so I may hope that you will go further, do more.

Yes, I reply.


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