Stairway to Thrills

The woman and her younger lover
Stood in the stairwell facing each other
She dropped to her knees, head moving south
To take his sweet cock into her mouth

But hold on a moment, she starts with his thighs
Slowly tasting the skin as she looks into his eyes
Watching her tongue teasing his balls
The buzz of perhaps getting caught in the hall

Slowly wrapping her lips around his young cock
Sliding up and down ‘til he can hardly talk
She sucks faster then slows down
And swirls her tongue all the way ‘round

He stands upright, her head bobbing below
Joyously giving him fellatio
He moans softly under his breath
Moving closer to the Little Death


2 thoughts on “Stairway to Thrills

  1. It’s been a long time sense I hard the term “Little Death”. Tis true though, cause it doe take your breath. I’m part poet & didn’t even know

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