Orally Obsessed

Freud used the term ‘sexual’ in a very general way –
Pleasurable acts and thoughts is what he meant to convey.
Frustration, indulgence, too much or little gratification,
He said, can result in an Oral Fixation

The need of a pacifier during stress
May cause an adult to become obsessed.
I have reverted to that phase;
For oral pursuits I am crazed.

Smoking is one of those habits
Every day I open a new packet.
Indulging in sugar is another craving –
Inducing highs that drive you crazy!

Add over-eating to the list of neuroses:
It seems I have a shelf of these trophies.
Oh yes, and I talk too much!
I think that might be my final crutch.

There are two ways to deal with these infatuations:
Supplementation and Elimination.
I’m much too preoccupied to just quit
But I’ve found something to which I can commit.

Such addiction to oral activities
Encourages certain proclivities:
Of course, I’m referring to oral sex
To reduce the quitting side effects.

Oral fixation requires stimulation of the mouth;
Instead of grabbing a smoke, I’ll just head south.
I’ll need a cock to replace this addiction
Now to find a man who won’t mind such infliction.

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