The Weather – Whether We Like It or Not.


A change in weather –
Hear the thunder.
How long can I hang on
Before I go under?
I’m caught in this storm
And I wonder…

I run off just to see
If you chase me –
You don’t. I return,
Please embrace me.
I pretend I know you
Won’t replace me.

You push me away,
I take it.
You make me a promise
Then break it.
The pain I feel…
You make it.

But the pressure within swells;
My pussy drips wet;
Butterflies dance in my stomach,
The closer that you get
I know you’re no good for me
But I can’t renounce you yet.

I’m caught in this storm of emotion.
I’m preparing myself to drown.
I’ve been braving crazy weather
Just so you’ll hold me down.
I’m addicted to this feeling –
I want Paradise found.

I can’t even try to run…
I can’t let you go.
Yes, you hurt me so easily,
Yet my obsession grows.
Your kisses, your touch, your cock
Make me tremble so

My ankles on your shoulders;
My breasts within your squeeze;
Your fingers in my ass;
Your head between my knees;
And the thrust of your hips
Compel me to scream.

The weather is erratic,
Drowning out my cries.
I’m caught in the rain
But I feel so alive.
You take away the clouds
And fuel my sex drive.

I’m caught in this battle:
A war with my spirit,
If I walk away,
Will I ever feel complete?
Will I be myself?
Or have I changed a bit?

In the eye of the storm,
I’m caught in the rain –
I’m caught in the current
That can mask all the pain.
If I open a brolly
Will I have to abstain?


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