Just HOT

gemini wordsLooking through the Reader (topic: erotica), I found this (all I can call it is) HOT poem from Geminiwords. Yes, it did inspire a wonderful self-love session. It is a part of a series called Seven Days of BDSM, which you can find on her site.

Seven days of BDSM – Day 6 – A different way

Day 6

Today he restrains me

With cuffs to the door

My arms in the air

Feet spread on the floor

First the blind fold

He carefully placed

He has to have me

in the right space

A ball gag next

A wicked device

I really hate it

For it suppresses my cries

It makes me dribble

Just like a child

My Master loves it

Drives him wild

When I’m securely

Tied and chained

He starts to call me

His favourite names

I’m his whore,

his bitch, his tramp

his wicked words

Making me damp

With strikes from the paddle

And blows from the cane

I’m back in

That space again

The belt comes next

All over my back

The delicious strikes

A wondrous attack

The patterns building

And deepening red

I want him to take me

To our bed

But now my Master

has other plans

As his devoted sub

I’ll meet his demands

He plunges his finger

Into my depth

By this stage

I’m rather wet

Now spreading my cheeks

He probes once more

Once again

I am his whore

He whispers now

Today’s the day

I take my pet

In a different way

Inserting a plug

In my virgin hole

Preparing it well

For that’s his goal

The vibrating plug

Makes me moan

Master now hard

I hear him groan

Unleashing me now

To turn me round

I get on all fours

On the ground

The plug comes out

He plunges in

As he commits

This age old sin

Grabbing my hair

I feel him deep

The hurting subsides

With increasing heat

I never felt

So full before

Yet from my Master

I know there’s more

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