The Complex Effects of Sex


It’s official now
I need more sex
So I shall require
A willing subject

Fucking is great exercise
Getting ready to cum
Is a cardiac work-out
To which I will succumb

A weight loss routine
That keeps you in bed
Or the couch or floor
Or out back, in the shed

Missionary position can provide
Some major training for your ass
The more I squeeze my butt
The more I can reduce its mass


Doggy style is my favourite
And it engages the core
Working my quads and glutes
While stabilizing on all fours

Or modify the position
By positing my hands,
In front, on a wall
Providing upper body demands

Yee Har! Cowgirl position
Just like riding a horse
Using my abs and pelvic muscles
Hmmm, I’m in charge, of course

Squatting over you
Makes it more extreme
By turning around
I can make you cream


Or I face upwards
Holding myself up
With arms and legs
While you pump my cunt

I’ll need to steady myself
So I don’t crash
Might be time to learn yoga
Or train as a gymnast

By resting on my shoulders
I can adapt that stance
A much safer position
But a bit too advanced

Fucking is great exercise
Burning two-fifty calories per half hour
Experimenting with different positions
But never, ever in the shower

Looking for a long-term sex partner
Probably in their prime
34166The idea here is to feel the burn
And pleasure at the same time!

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