Oh, to have a fuck right now
I am so on edge
I would do anything
Of this I can pledge

I want to attack your lips
With a force so blunt
And gyrate against your hips
To rub my hungry cunt

It doesn’t matter that
We’re surrounded by a crowd
It’s a huge party
And it’s good that it’s loud

I want you to kneel before me
I’ll hold your head in place
Lapping at my wet pussy
As I fuck your face

One hand on your throbbing cock
One hand squeezing my ass
My breathing getting faster
Your tongue inside my gash

The music throbs around us
The crowd is over-heated
The beat is primitive
Our actions are repeated

I am so horny that
When you stand and bend me over
I do not protest of
The over-exposure

Then I feel your knob
Knocking at my back door
That’s not what I want
But my screams you ignore

The rhythm is primal
The party has its own beat
The house seems to throb
My cries do not compete

You spread my ass cheeks
And plunge inside your cock
The pain takes my breath
But then I am shocked

As I get used to the feeling
I feel the pleasure rising
I feel myself start to cum
This really is surprising

It is absolutely delightful
My body, the band is pounding
Complete carnality
And totally astounding

I said I would do anything
To fuck right away
I just didn’t realise
It would be so risqué


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