What I Wish was in Pandora’s Box – Waterproof Remote Control Bullet

I love like not being responsible for my own pleasure. And I love the idea of going out with some-one and wearing something like this, while he has the remote control in his pocket. Not only would there be the thrill of knowing, at any time, this bullet could start vibrating; but there is the thrill of having a secret from everyone else.

BUT wouldn’t it be fabulous if it could be controlled from a very long way away – like from England or Canada!

Waterproof Remote Control Bullet

TemplateSize: 3.25 X 1.5 inches

Description: Enjoy powerful vibrations without having to worry about messy cords and wires – it has a wireless remote control! Just point the remote, flip the multi-speed switch and indulge in wonderful wireless bliss (even in water). The discreet bullet is quiet enough to take with you wherever you go, but powerful enough to deliver incredible vibrations.


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