Father Hunger

Today is Fathers’ Day in Australia. It is also almost the one year anniversary of when my Father chose to throw me away.

Happy Fucking Fathers’ Day, Dad!
I tried to play good daughter
You said Jump, I asked How high?
Just like a good girl oughta

Thanks for your financial support
While I was growing up
Pity about the emotional side
Which you left at the pub

So I search for male attention
Offering all I have to give: my body
That’s what you led me to believe
To make me feel like nobody

I started my sexual quest
By handing over my virginity
To two unknown men
My version of the Holy Trinity

One cock in my sullied mouth
Another pumped my pussy
A girl’s ‘fantasy’
While my blood dripped like honey

If I was going to have sex
I was going to be good
There was no way in hell
That I would be a dead root

It doesn’t just happen, you know
A girl needs a model
So I learned what I know best
At my local brothel

If all I had was my body
And men willing to pay for it
Who was I
To refuse to take it

I loved two foreign boys
While I was on the ocean
Both of them, I found
With other girls in slow motion

Of course, I took them back
Perhaps an act of debasement
But with your influence
I have developed infinite patience

I proffer myself
To men I cannot obtain
In a pseudo-psycho
Desire to eradicate the pain

I am perfect mistress material
Thanks to you, my Father
I might as well be a slave
Some-one hand me a collar

In experiencing the loss of you
In my eyes, your rejection
I have become an ideal receptacle
To a man’s erection

Father Hunger is an emptiness
That leads to self-image obsession
Bouts of self-loathing
And, in my case, severe depression

So happy Fucking Fathers’ Day, Dad!


11 thoughts on “Father Hunger

  1. Hurts to read this….so sad! You still have a father…yet you don’t. I wish i still had my father,yet i don’t….💋

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