Paying For It

After another cold, sterile session with my toys, I still ached to be touched, to feel human skin.

Totally naked, I ran to my computer to Google ‘male escorts.’ Did you know that a male escort gets about $500 per hour? It’s ridiculous.

I leaned back on the couch, in the after-glow of my own orgasm, stroking my own skin and wondering how to fix this predicament. A thought struck in the back of my mind and ignited; but could I actually go through with it?

I didn’t really need a cock – I had a bag full of cock replacements: some with clit ticklers, some with flashing lights, a couple aimed at my G-spot and one with anal beads attached. I craved human touch, the feeling of some-one’s lips, skin and tongue. Did it have to be male?

Before I lost my nerve, I phoned a well-reputed brothel. Yes, they had ladies who performed girl-on-girl services…and at $200 per hour. Could I do this? Really?

Before my courage vanished, I drove to the parlour.

I surreptitiously looked around before getting out of my car. Quickly and covertly, under my hat and in sunglasses, I entered the building. The receptionist escorted me into a small room near the front door. Seven ladies pitched and paraded their wares: how do you choose a companion for an hour? Do I want to attempt this with as masculine a lady as I could find? Do I select a lady because I would like to look like her? Do I pick one whom I think a man would like?

Then Rebecca walked in – at least, that’s the way she introduced herself. She was tall and long and lean. She had generous, blood-red lips; pale, flawless skin and long, pre-Raphaelite red hair. She was stunning. She would have been stunning to either sex.

If I was going to do this, Rebecca would have to be my choice.

Rebecca held my hand and guided me down a long corridor to a room. She took my money and told me to have a shower. I waited until she had closed the door behind her and quickly took off my clothes. The warm water ran over me, slowing the trembling in my body. It was safe in the shower. I hadn’t done anything yet.

I heard the door open. I had spent too long in the shower with my thoughts. I tried to cover parts of my body – my body doesn’t look like hers did. I wasn’t ready for her to see me yet. But I wasn’t in my own domain now – this was Rebecca’s realm.

Rebecca peeled off her dress and stepped out of her heels. She stood naked before me, and then stepped slowly into the shower with me. I stepped backwards, against the cold tiles, as Rebecca allowed the water to cascade over her while she pumped some liquid soap into her hands.

Boob 1The soap bubbled into large suds. Rebecca began to wash my shoulders. She looked into my eyes and with barely a nod, moved her soapy hands to my breasts. She carefully, almost maternally, lifted the weight of them to wash beneath them. I was still staring at her face as she started circling my nipples with her long fingers. Her slippery fingertips skated over the tiny bumps of my pink areola. The muscles in my pussy had already started contracting and releasing. This situation was already beyond my control. She pinched one of my nipples and heard my gasp.

This seemed to be a signal for her to taunt my tits further. boob 2.1Slowly, slowly, she stroked each boob, then she squeezed…hard. She soothed that quick pain by returning to a gentle massage. I relaxed. Rebecca squeezed my tit again…harder!

Rebecca’s hands floated over the curves of my waist to my hips. She pulled me closer and held me against her body. It felt strange to feel the softness of breast against breast – not bad, just different. Her hands danced across my butt cheeks until I felt one soapy hand slide into my crack. I gulped and hid my face in her shoulder. She slowly inserted something into my asshole – was it a finger? Boob 3.1Two? I don’t know. It felt filling but comfortable. I couldn’t believe that the soap made it so easy for Rebecca to finger fuck my ass; because that’s what she did – her hand was moving faster and faster; and harder and harder. I was clutching onto her. I even bit her shoulder. I was going to fall if I didn’t hold onto her.

With her magic hands, she turned me around so her tits were pressed against my back. I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my ass cheeks. And the warmth of her hands found the lips of my cunt. Found those lips and then buried her fingers within them. boob 4.1Holy shit! Her hands were oh-so much better than a clit tickler and vibrator.

I could feel two of Rebecca’s fingers encouraging my cunt open and inviting themselves in. Her fingers found my G-spot. With the water, soap, my own wetness, I could hear the squelching, squishing noise coming from my pussy. Rebecca stimulated that spot by rhythmically pressing against it. She kept pressing her fingers against it, over and over, with the same kind of rhythm as if a man was sliding his dong in and out of my so-so wet pussy.

Once again, the movement of her hand increased in speed and intensity. I could hardly stand up: my legs were trembling. I tried to find something to hold onto but there was nothing in the shower. I was grabbing at nothing. Rebecca was speed-sliding those two fingers in and out of my hole. Pumping it faster and faster, and increasing the force.

When she had increased to slamming her fingers straight in and out of my cunt, Rebecca thrust a finger back into my asshole. This time I couldn’t stop myself from screaming. It wasn’t water dripping from the shower head; it was a tidal wave breaking over my body.

I leaned against the tiles trying to get my breath back. Rebecca slipped to her knees. She opened my cunt with her fingers and lapped at my still quivering clit. I still wasn’t over the first wave of delight so I was ready to explode again. Rebecca just opened me wider, now using her tongue like a small, penetrating shaft.

Now I really was fucking her face. I couldn’t help myself…I was grinding my hips on her face.

Rebecca opened me even further. Was she going to tear me apart? My pussy lips were being spread farther than they ever had before. She inserted three fingers, then another one, then, all of a sudden; her entire fist was inside my open, gaping, wet cunt. I was afraid to move. I felt that I could break at any time. Rebecca plunged her forearm in and out. I was being fucked by the hugest cock that had ever been inside me.

This was too much. There were too many sensations. I was frenzied. It was too tumultuous.

I heard a buzzer.

Rebecca slid a finger over my clit as she removed her arm from inside me. FUCK! I collapsed on the floor of the shower.

Rebecca left the room.

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