Dinner with his Dad

I had been seeing Drew for about three months when he decided that I needed to meet his family. Lucky for me, this meant just meeting his father. Drew set it up for Thursday night.

On Thursday evening, Drew arrived at my place, to pick me up, with a gift. I opened it excitedly – Drew had never given me a present before. Inside was a clear plastic box and within that, nestled on a bed of velvet, was a set of gold Ben Wa balls. I looked up at Drew with a question in my eyes. plaid skirt 5There was no answer.

“Pan, can you change into that short plaid skirt I like?” Sure, I can do that. I went to my room to get changed.

greetimgAs I was almost ready, Drew came into my room. He embraced me tenderly and kissed me deeply. He slipped his hand down the front of panties; his fingers making their way between my lips. I was wet immediately. Oh, I don’t think we’re going anywhere soon.

Drew pushed me down onto my bed and wrenched off my panties completely. My short skirt was bunched around my hips. My legs were bent and spread open. My pussy was getting wetter and pinker by the second.

Drew jammed the cold Ben Wa balls inside me. “I want you to keep these inside you tonight – it’ll turn me on knowing you’re wearing them at dinner.” Sure, I can do that.

plaid skirt 1We got up from the bed. I reached for my underwear but Drew grabbed them. “No – don’t wear any underwear tonight.”

“But my skirt is so short?”

“Don’t worry. It’s only my Dad’s place and he won’t notice.”

Although I was uncomfortable with the idea, I did as Drew asked.

As we left my place and went to get into Drew’s car, the balls moved inside me and I plaid skirt 2plaid skirt 3clenched my pussy muscles. Every now and then, they would bounce against each other and I would jump as a small shock wave reverberated from my cunt outwards. Drew opened my door to let me in. I sat down, gingerly. The balls bounced again. I could feel the damp warmth between my legs.

As Drew drove, he kept his hand between my legs and tickled my clit with his fingers. It was getting more difficult to even think about getting through dinner.

We arrived at Drew’s father’s place. As we got out of the car, Drew glanced at me with a reassuring look, and then licked his fingertips which were covered in my juices.

I followed Drew up two flights of stairs. I could feel every single movement of those balls. This was going to be one VERY long dinner.

A door opened and an older man greeted us. “Pandora, it’s lovely to finally meet you. Andrew has told me a lot about you.” He looked a lot like Drew. They both had the same twinkly blue eyes.

Drew and I followed him into the dining room. Asleep, under the table, was a huge dog. I stepped back. I don’t particularly like dogs, especially large dogs. “Don’t worry about Eros. He won’t come near you…he’ll just stay asleep under the table during dinner. I hope you like roast beef?”

Tentatively, I took my seat at the table, careful not to wake the dog, “Um, yes, thank you.”

Drew’s father sat at the head of the table with Drew and I on either side.  Dinner conversation was mundane; although, every now and then, I would squirm, delicately, and glance across to see Drew smiling naughtily at me.

Near the end of dinner, Drew took the fat and gristle from his plate, and opened his hand under the table for the dog to feed from. I had a small pile of gristle on my plate, as well.

“Pan, why don’t you give that to the dog?” asked Drew. I hesitated.

“He won’t hurt you. Go ahead,” said Drew’s dad, his eyes still gleaming.

Slowly, I put my handful of meat under the table. Eros nibbled the food from my fingers. Okay, I had survived that – I let out my breath.

Then Eros nuzzled at my leg. I looked beseechingly at Drew. Drew grinned.

Eros used his muzzle to open my knees. My eyes implored Drew’s father. He, too, grinned.

320Eros’ cold nose burrowed into my so wet and ready pussy. I was frozen in fear: this dog, with really big teeth, was way too close to my provocative pussy. I was ready to plead with Drew and his father but they just looked at each other and grinned.

“What the…,” I began, when Eros started lapping the engorged lips of my cunt. His tongue was rough.

“Drew, did you know that when the blood vessels in a dog’s tongue dilate, it causes the tongue to swell and extend? Just like a man’s penis?” asked Drew’s father.317

The tip of Eros’ tongue was thrust into my hot hole. I gasped. I was so scared that every muscle in my body was strained taut. I was aware of every single thing happening down there. I could feel Eros’ hot breath against my inner thighs. I could feel Eros’ cold, wet nose against my clit. I could feel Eros’ long, flexible tongue inside my cunt. I could feel the Ben Wa balls being moved around inside me. I could feel myself becoming undesirably aroused.

313And I could feel Drew and his father watching me.

This was sick…but, if I could forget that it was a dog doing this marvellous thing between my legs and if I could forget that Drew and his father were watching, I’m sure I could actually enjoy this experience.

I held onto the arms of the chair, closed my eyes, spread my legs wider and leaned my head back.

pizap.com13783837651991I could feel my nipples growing harder – so hard, they could cut glass.

The first thing I realised was that Eros’ tongue was much longer than Drew’s and was able to get to many places that I didn’t even realise existed. Eros’ tongue could reach all the way up and inside me. It was incredible. His tongue went in so far and so deep; and moved in ways that I cannot describe.

And there were nodules on Eros’ tongue…it felt better than Drew’s tongue. Fucking hell! I was fucking a dog’s tongue. I couldn’t stop myself from thrusting my hungry cunt further onto his tongue.

My body was still overwrought from the effects of the Ben Wa balls and my terror of the dog. In fact, I was breathing like a bitch in heat. These circumstances and this experience were so intense that I was sure that this wasn’t going to be quick.

My orgasm started, like a powerful wave of blankness, and travelled all the way up to my head. But Eros didn’t stop. The constant licking continued as wave after wave overwhelmed me. I was thrashing about: I needed him to stop…I needed him to keep going. I don’t know what I needed. I tried to stop moving, as I was still afraid of those huge, white teeth mauling my obviously inviting cunt, but it was impossible. I hit my head on the back of the chair so many times; I thought I might knock myself out, yet my hips were still pushing towards Eros’ tongue. Every nerve in my flooded fanny was at attention – every stroke of Eros’ tongue caused me to climb another climactic crest.

Finally, Drew called Eros to heel.

And, although I just wanted to lie back and bask, I opened my eyes and stared directly at Drew and his father…and grinned.

Then I stood up, petted Eros on the head and walked out.

9 thoughts on “Dinner with his Dad

  1. Well I like that it is pushing boundaries, it is a great narrative, and engrosses the reader throughout. I personally think it is pretty hard core, but that is what the audience is looking for in this. I wish more people would explore without being afraid of what others think, being honest to ones self in their own writing is number one without a doubt the most important thing. Well done Pandora! Excellent kink piece. I can’t wait to read more boundary pushing writing for you.

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