My Party

She sent me a text: message

Of course, I was fuckin’ horny. She had been teasing me for weeks: sending photos of her ass, photos of her in sexy lingerie, inviting me over for drinks then sending me home with nothing. Last night, I had a drink at her place. She showed me the new sheets on her bed. She even invited me to lie down on her bed, with her; then sent me home. Yes, I was horny.

She sent me another text:

message 1

 It seemed like a good idea. She couldn’t send me home after that invitation. I went off to the reunion, looking forward to my own little after-party.

I arrived at the reunion, wondering if anyone I knew would turn up. I didn’t need to worry as, standing at the bar, was a group of my old mates. It was weird – we reverted back to our teenage selves within minutes: playing drinking games, boasting about conquests and big-noting ourselves.

All in all, it was a great night – maybe a little too much to drink. Then it was off time to go see her.

lick bobbiesThe door was unlocked, as promised. I left my clothes on the couch and quietly entered her room. She was lying under the covers with her back to me. I crept under the covers and pressed my cold body against the heat of hers. My cock nestled against her ass cheeks. I reached around her and played with her knockers. They were soft under my rough hands, except for the hard nubs that were her nipples. I drew her towards me and onto her back. I buried my face between her tits – they were great: each one was bigger than both my hands and her nipples were pale, pale pink. I licked them like I had been handed two giant ice-cream cones and I didn’t know which to eat first.

I moved my hand down to her cunt, to see if she was ready for me because I was ready to fuck her. I slid my hand through her pubic hair, my middle finger running along her slit until it reached the bottom… and found a very warm, very wet, very open hole. Dabbing my finger just barely inside, I said, “God, you’re so wet and hot. You’ve made me wait for this for too long.” I slid my now wet finger back up the slit, and began to lightly trace circles around her clit. Her response was a very pleased “Mmmmm.”

legs chestI lifted her legs onto my shoulders. I had a wonderful view of her gaping cunt and the bright pink button at the top. I dipped my knob in and watched as she closed her eyes, anticipating my entry. I teased her by taking it out again. I did this a couple of times until she whimpered with want; then I plunged my entire shaft into her. She gasped. I stroked the walls of her tunnel until I hit that back wall. I raised myself to a crouching position so I could drill her even deeper. I reached behind myself to play with her ass hole, wetting the rim with her own juices. I drenched my fingers, as well, and thrust two fingers inside that forbidden hole. She gasped but didn’t complain. She didn’t know that I was preparing her for a little surprise of my own.

I could feel Dave behind me. Dave was my best friend from Year 12. When Dave had heard about all the cock-teasing from her, we came up with a fun, little plan for revenge. Over a couple of joints, we worked out all the logistics. I was sure she was gonna love it.

She didn’t know that Dave was in the room, yet. She didn’t know that Dave was naked. She didn’t know that Dave was lubing up his cock as I fucked her. She didn’t know that Dave was now standing behind me.

I removed my fingers from her ass hole.double 2 A yearning moan escaped her lips; to be quickly replaced by a cry as Dave shoved his cock into her virgin ass. Dave had to hold on to my waist so we could maintain the same rhythm on our assault of her orifices. She was screaming. I’m not sure if it was from pleasure or pain but, right then, I didn’t care. She opened her eyes and, for the first time, noticed that there was more than one of us. She was about to shout out when John put his cock in her mouth. Her eyes were agape with astonishment.pile

With her mouth full, she could no longer make any loud noises. John was fucking her face while her head was tilted backwards and torturing her nipples with his fingers. She was bucking and thrashing wildly. She must have been enjoying it. Daryl and Alan joined in to hold her legs as far apart as possible so Dave and I could sink in deeper. Both Daryl and Alan used only one hand to grip her legs; with their other hands, they were wanking over her huge tits.

groupI was sobering up now. I looked down at her and the look of complete and utter fear in her eyes. Oh, shit, what was I doing? My cock shrivelled and I withdrew it from her open pussy. I stepped back to look at what I had created. Alan’s cock took my place immediately.

man 3

I sat down in the corner: there was nothing more I could do.

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