What I Wish was in Pandora’s Box: WANTED

The best sex I ever had was about 5 or 6 years ago (and he is no longer available) – pretty sad. It was very vanilla, compared to all the posts I’ve been reading recently, but it was fucking great! So I’m putting together a list of what I want from the next man I have sex with.

There is absolutely nothing difficult here except time! Have you got some?


  • KISSING: I keep forgetting how good kissing is until I do it again. I’m not talking the requisite pecks; I’m talking about the full-on, discovery of each other’s mouths; the out-of-breath, no remaining lipstick but pink, bruised lips nonetheless kind of kissing. And it doesn’t stop just because we move on to other stuff.
  • NECKING: Sounds old-fashioned, doesn’t it? But, holy shit! there is nothing more sizzling than a man licking and nipping at my ears and neck…and not rushing to get to my boobs!
  • ORAL SEX: This sounds obvious but, and I’ll tell you all, I am not one of those lucky, lickingeasily orgasmic women, so it takes a lot of time and effort. And my version of oral sex does not just involve your mouth. I want fingers (and toys, perhaps) involved. I want to feel your lips, your tongue, your fingers (and toys, perhaps) in my pussy and ass. And I want you to do it with enthusiasm and for a long time. I want you to keep going until I am crying out, until my legs are trying to crush your head, until I am thrashing about like a crazy person – just keep going! Yes, if you are doing this properly, I will cum; but keep going (a little more gently) then, when you see it’s about to happen again…
  • FUCKING: I like to be fucked hard and deeply. My absolute favourite position is doggy-style but, if you’re using this as direction then, place my legs on your shoulders and thrust into me really, really deeply as my next orgasm takes us both for a ride. Don’t take your time – my body will be on a highway speeding along, and you need to catch up. There will be lots of noise and movement, but this is fabulous, so just keep on plunging your cock into me until you cum. I will still be fucking you back.

ribbon tortureNon-essential Criterion:

After reading lots of blog posts, I am so incredibly interested in being dominated; and I am looking forward to having anal sex with a trustworthy partner.


I do not expect to have sex exactly like this every time I have sex. I just know that this worked for me and I’d really love to find a guy who can help me bring out the same results…PLEASE!

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