I Might be a Sugar Baby? The Beginning

When even EHarmony says they can’t find a match for you, one can’t help but be depressed. So I decided that I really shouldn’t put boundaries on whom I should or should not meet. Hence, I joined up to RSVP.com, Cougar.com and SugarDaddyMeet.com.

And now I have ‘met’ a Sugar Daddy (herein referred to as ‘SD’)!

There are 2 stipulations here:

  1. We have never actually met in person – we have emailed, texted, FaceTime-d, Viber-ed, etc. We had a date set up but we had to postpone it.
  2. The term ‘Sugar Daddy’ brings up images of older, distinguished gentlemen. In this case, the boy is 28 and likes older women.

So, what is a Sugar Baby (herein referred to as ‘SB’)?

Supposedly, a SB is a young female or male who is financially pampered/cared for by a ‘sugar daddy’ or ‘sugar mama’ in exchange for companionship.

sugar baby 2

But, for me, there is much more to it than that…to me, a SB is a perfect mistress. She is always ready for her SD when wanted; to provide him with a time that allows him to feel that the world rotates only around him – it takes a lot of work to accumulate wealth and qualify as a SD…so a SB is here to help the SD melt away the stresses of his life while sharing great experiences.

In return – the SD needs to be some-one the SB can relate to and with whom she can have a great conversation. Yes, sex is involved…Oh and, yes! she likes to fuck hard (especially doggie-style!); but, there needs to be a connection, too. The old-fashioned mistress requires some financial support and material items: to ensure his SB looks the way her SD would want her to – like she has made an effort just for him; to make sure she has the things you want or need available; and to be able to be available when he wants to spend time with her.

A SB is amply confident in herself to be happy, cute, powerful, submissive, talkative or silent (depending on what her SD feels like) while still being herself. She is poised enough to be secure in her sexuality, to know how to use it (and not be ashamed of it!), while not feeling like they are effecting some sort of financial transaction only.

I like to play and dress-up; I love to please my partner; and, in my current circumstances, I am usually available.

So, let’s see if I can make it as a Sugar Baby…

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