I Might be a Sugar Baby? First Date Lead-Up

All of this SD stuff started with some emailing through the website – I’m a Safety Girl! My Baby Sugar Daddy (herein referred to as ‘BSD’) immediately brought up his high sex drive and his love of adventure. Supposedly, I get him more excited than any 18 year old can.

Over about 30 emails in one evening, I learnt that he claims to be a very sexual person with kinky, clean fetishes; likes a bit of role play; and dirty, hard sex. He loved my blog posts and, then, the emails became naughtier – especially about my gravatar and what he might do to my ass (ie: I would love to eat and fuck that ass till you cum all over my face, that shit turns me on). Hmmm…I guess BSD isn’t looking for companionship only.

Since we’d moved on to this kind of stuff so quickly, we decided that our first date would be at a major hotel over a couple of drinks to see if we liked each other. It was to be 5 days away.

Our conversation moved to our own email addresses when he wrote: can you send through some sexy pics to my email please I’m beyond worked up at the moment and to be honest would love to pull my hard cock to your sexy pics. Oh, the romance!


BSD also wanted to book me in for a pedi/mani at the hotel’s spa – it appears the guy has a bit of a foot fetish (not just assumed from this)!

The way our conversation was going, we were going to be having sex (unless I hated him) so, as a first date, we decided upon remuneration of $500, with an allowance to be discussed if we got along.

We moved to sexting and some FaceTime…then he postponed the date. SHIT! Rookie SB mistake – except he put $250 into my account to show he was a gentleman. WOW!

Still waiting for a first date…

3 thoughts on “I Might be a Sugar Baby? First Date Lead-Up

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