My first time

Absolutely loved this…and yes, I went there!

50 Shades of me

This visit was costing ninety quid
It better be worth my while
I was so scared I couldn’t even talk
Let alone manage a smile

This experience, it was new to me
I’d never needed it before
My whole body, it was shaking
As I opened up the door

Greeted by smiles from a woman
Short skirt, stockings, red silk shirt
“Please sit down, try not to worry
I’m sure that it won’t hurt”

Then I was taken to ‘the room’
Where he was standing, tool in hand
Slicked back hair and real tight jeans
And oh, so beautifully tanned

Go over to the table dear
And bend over and brace yourself
I just need to get myself ready
And he walked over to the shelf

Then strode back to me with purpose
And he lifted up my skirt
Pulled my panties to one side
I quivered, “Is this gonna…

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