Talk Dirty to Me

You write:
My gorgeous hot cunt, I dreamt of you last night and my hard solid cock was rigid and throbbing with need and desire to be driven into you, forcing you to take it all as I verbally expressed my hunger. My hands around your neck, I spread your legs as you stood before me, telling you to do as you’re told like a good little whore; my fingers sliding up your inner thigh. Yes, bitch, I am going to use you for my pleasure, I said, as my fingers teased your clit. Squirming and twisting, I turn you around, fasten a ball gag in your mouth and, after ripping off your blouse and bra, I bind your hands behind your back. With the uncertainty your anxiety increases, your breathing deepens and we both know you’re wet.
Oh, you fucking little cunt, I need all of you.
Spanking, thrusting, violating, changing positions, my language gets more vulgar and degrading as my desire intensifies. Fisting you – you are forced to cum for me, screaming. Slapping your face gently, I demand you do and say as I desire. ‘Til finally you belong to me, my fucking cum sucking slut, my hot bitch.
Even now I hunger, I am hard.

You write:
Oh, yes, you fucking filthy hot cunt, my hunger ignites with your words. I need to punish you for distracting me and making my cock ache.
You are my bitch and I know you need to be taken, used; you belong to me, you know you can feel it swelling in your soul – the emotion and need driving you towards me as the dark hunger in your soul begs to be expressed. We both know how much you need to spread your legs or bend over for me; we both know the dark submission in you begs to tell me that you are my fuck-toy, my dirty little bitch, my cunt. I know how much you would love to look into my eyes and beg to be used, to cum for me, violently, hard.
For only then will I fuck you, slut, only then will your eyes fall on my throbbing shaft.
The leather collar fastened around your neck, the cat collars on your wrist and ankles ready to be bound in any position I desire, often with your wrists bound to your ankles. Opening and exploring the depth of your sweet, wet cunt as my fingers slowly slide inside then, with a sudden movement, my entire hand. Forming a fist in your womb, I pump back and forth – enjoying your screams and moans. Look, bitch, look at your cunt lips around my wrist, see it and visualise it even when we are apart. You belong to me, slut.
My seed builds, ready to be shot deep in your arse and cunt, over your face and tits, and deep down your throat for a good cum sucking whore.
My whore.

My appetite for your words is never-ending.
I want my head filled with your dirty language while you bend me over, pulling my head back with your grip on my hair, and growling your filth in my ear.
I want your cock to be soaked with my cunt juices, sliding oh-so-easily in and out.
I want your palms smarting from the stinging spanking you give me.
I want to be used by every part of you, until I am begging you to allow me to rest.
Then I want you to ignore me, and continue to take what you want from your dirty whore.
I want you to shut me up by stuffing your cock in my mouth, forcing me to taste my own juices.
I want! I want! I want…do you want me to beg?
I especially want your cock to throb with thoughts of using and abusing me.
Oh, please let me meet you soon,
Your little slut xx


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