My Fantasy Man

My fantasy man

red heelsBinds my hands behind my back
One hand with a clump of hair
Forcing my back to arch
Stripping my soul bare

Buries his face in my cunt
Lapping up my juices
I take it all
I accept his oral abuse

He licks at my clit
With his face against my hole
He drinks me in
Swallowing my entire soul

His fingers boring deeper
Two fingers, three, then four
The tips drilling further
In the form of a claw

His hand fucks my cunt
A thumb in my ass
Forcing its way inside
Eclipsing the impasse

Pushing so deep inside
I want to scream
His face covered in my wetness
As it flows in a stream

When it seems as if I’ve had enough
He thrusts inside his whole fist
Pushing inside me deeper and faster
Filling my cunt up to his wrist

Shoving his arm in and out
More forceful all the time
Feeling each finger wiggling
Rubbing inside me – sublime!

His tongue now lapping at my asshole
His fingers start to explore inside my ass
His fist and other hand touching each other
Through the wall that separates cunt and ass

I’m moaning uncontrollably now
He drives his cock into my cunt
While pushing his fingers into my ass
Forcing out my breath and a grunt

He brings me to the precipice
But before I can cum
He pulls out his cock
And sticks it in my bum

My fantasy man
Shocks, scares and astonishes me

P.S. See you tomorrow

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