(Part 2 of Please; but can easily be appreciated alone)

“Don’t you dare cum, Bitch”

His warning is menacing. I can imagine his gaze on fire, from behind my blindfold.  But, his words are my demise.

blindfoldedMy insubordination floods the floor.

“You filthy slut!”

His voice is low and ominous. I know my punishment is forthcoming.
I feel his one leg pinning my body down in the puddle that was my pleasure. He places a collar around my neck.

The restriction of the collar around my neck affects me instantly. Not only has the liquid dissolved but the room has melted around the edges, sounds are muffled, time is ticking in slow motion. My temperature is rising and my complete return to arousal is revealed by my compulsive rocking.

He binds my ankles with cuffs that are attached by chains to the neck collar and forces me to my feet. Standing firm, I find my balance with my feet flat, hip width apart. I’m careful not to pull on the chains knowing the connections would pull on the collar and send me reeling. I take some deep breaths, calling on my senses to come back to me.

He grabs my panties from where I had abandoned them, and stuffed them in my mouth. The black frilly material stifling the single syllables grunts – “God”, “please”, “fuck”, a primal response to my primal desire – fighting their way out.

The first slap comes as a shock, fast and light across my ass. He spanks me, building in intensity, one side then the other, to a ferocious torrent on my fast-bruising ass.

Losing myself in the blur of pleasure and pain, I am creating a slick between my legs; my arousal is betraying me again.

3 thoughts on “Punished

  1. Mmmm. I like the narrative. .. and the fantasy of the story. It just feels like I’m there. Now my cock is real hard too.

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