What I Wish was in Pandora’s Box (maybe not yet…but later!)

Multiple Penetration

After looking at blogs and websites, my fantasies (NOT necessarily to be turned into reality) now include multiple penetration…and not necessarily one man and some toys.

But, other than in porn, it is a definite taboo – but people actually do it, don’t they?…Don’t they?

So, now I’m thinking about how it fits within my fantasy life…and it is always a rape scene or my Dom ‘forcing’ me to have sex with numerous men as an act of submission.

Is it that much of an inviolable subject that, even in fantasy world, it must be an activity that one is compelled to do?

Any thoughts anybody? Please…

First Choice of Position

spooning DP

Second Choice of Position

Doggy style DP

Third Choice of Position

Missionary DP

And, just in case, there is any remaining energy…


6 thoughts on “What I Wish was in Pandora’s Box (maybe not yet…but later!)

  1. There are so many different ways to make love with 2 men and they are all very…satisfying. I am very happy being in a menage relationship and wouldn’t give either of my men up,ever💋

    • WoW! Have you written about this on your blog?
      I am really interested on how it all works – not just sex, but the relating to each other. I tried to find a post that referred to your relationship with these two men but I couldn’t find any…or is this a totally private area of your life?

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