Sinning Wistfully

seamusHow hot are the written words of The Wistful Sinner, whose writing seduces, entices, and brings you to a trembling edge:

In a Strong, Quiet Voice

“I know you heard me…I said, turn your sweet ass around and present to me. I will not be saying it a third time.”

And I won’t.

I will always allow you to disobey, that is your choice.

Honestly, sometimes I enjoy when you test me. I love the fire in your eyes when you say “No.”

It’s that balance, that give/take, that sets you apart from the others. It’s what keeps me hungry, interested.

When you submit your body, your saturated flesh, when you do this at my quiet command, I feel the blessing of complete trust.

When you dig in your heels, when you make me prove, make me punish, you treat it as a mutual gift. A moment for us to test our bonds, often with you bound. I cherish your free will, your strong nature. You keep me hard, ready.

But right now, I suggest you turn that sweet ass around and present.

I have something special for you, my pet.

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