Easily Aroused

I was checking out the Top 100 Sex Blogs (as decided by Rori at Between My Sheets) and found Easily Aroused – erotic fiction by an over-sexed Englishman…and this fabulous story:

The Gift of Acceptance

BlindfoldWomanA blindfold tied carefully into place, so that it will not loosen or slip.

Led by the hand through the darkness into…

Warm room.

Sultry music.

Hushed voices.

The scents of perfume and sandalwood and cologne.

Her husband’s hands drawing down the zip on her dress, slipping it from her shoulders.

The noise of her dress falling down her body to the floor.

Standing in the unknown room, naked except for the ankle boots and the sheer black stockings, knowing that her body is being studied, scrutinised, anticipated.

The sound of footsteps approaching; coming closer, closer.

The soft, warm touch of a stranger’s strong hands, on her shoulder, her arm, her breasts. And now more hands, more strangers.

Led forward again, pressed gently back against the softness of a leather couch.

The thrilling aroma of aroused cock, somewhere close to her face.

The scent of raw lust seeping from between her trembling thighs.

Her mouth opens, lips parting to welcome one stranger’s smooth cock-head, mouth watering as her tongue finds rigid flesh.

Hands – many hands – stroking her body in endless waves.

Mouths tease her soft breasts and her hard nipples.

A clever tongue seeks her aching clitoris.

The sudden, drawn-out gasp of a woman’s pleasure.

Her gasp.

Her pleasure.

A taut cock-head brought forth to kiss the entrance to her soaking sex.

“Yes,” she sighs, “yes.” Accepting the stranger inside her.

Accepting her desire.


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