My New Year – My New Start

At three minutes to the new year,
A bird shat on my shoulder.
This is supposed to bring good luck
To me, the beholder.

So I begin the year
With a positive start –
I am cleansing my mind,
My soul and my heart.

I have decided to forget
All the disappointing years;
And choosing not to be stressed,
No worries or fears.

I won’t lose who I am
Because who I am is crucial.
I’ll keep my smile handy
Because life can be brutal.

I won’t be bitter
Over insignificant things.
No-one will bring me down
While my heart sings.

I plan to return to how I was
Back when I was a child –
So outrageous and bubbly
Doing things that were wild.

As time has passed
I may not have believed;
But now I know
I can do anything I want to achieve.

I deserve to be treated
Like the princess that I am
While still being fucked
With a battering ram.

So this year,
I’ll be all that I am;
And I’ll meet the right Dom
Because I know I can!

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