We’re Having a Party!

TeamTaboo has decided that we NEED a party! We have a HUGE space and loads (and loads) of equipment…so what else would you do, except have a party! Hmmm…now what would be a good reason to have a party?

A-ha! Friday 27th November is the 40th anniversary of the German (if you love porn, it has to be German!) release of The Story of O – there couldn’t be a better reason!

There will be cocktails, food (including popcorn, I hope!), The Story of O, followed by play-time…Yay! It’ll be a private party – invitation only!

Do you want to come? We’re giving away 15 double invitations to An Evening with O.

Before you get too excited (I am!), the party is in Melbourne, Australia so you need to be here…ok?

Click Here to Enter

Click Here to Enter

Click Here to Enter

Good luck! I hope I get to meet some of you… xxx

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One thought on “We’re Having a Party!

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