Holy Predicament, Batman!

This is Predicament Bondage


pb0Predicament bondage is a type of bondage that puts the sub in a situation where they have to choose between two or more unpleasant(!) positions or outcomes.

It is pretty typical for a scene to target smaller parts of the body, like fingers, toes, hair, nipples, or even more intimate areas like testicles and the clitoris. In these areas small movements are more likely to be felt! For example: if you tie the sub’s hair with rope on one end and anchor it to the ceiling by the rope while the sub is standing on his/her tip toes, this puts them in a predicament. They have the choice to remain on their tip toes or to flatten their feet causing the rope to pull on their hair. The purpose is to put them in a situation where any movement, such as wiggling will have a consequence which is uncomfortable most of the time.

If you want to try predicament bondage without pain, you can. That’s what’s cool about predicament bondage, there are so many different scenarios that can make this fun to play around with.

Another example is having a sub lay prone on the floor and placing safety votive candles on his/her body in various areas. The sub has to breathe so, not only is it a balancing game but, he/she has to concentrate to keep the wax from spilling onto the skin.

pbPredicament bondage is a good way to add psychological elements into not just the physical.

This is one of type of play where the sky really is the limit. Just remember: play safe. Make sure when trying something new that you educate yourself and think about every safety issue that might come up. Have a safe word set up ahead of time. Sometimes things sound like fun but end up not being what you thought it was going to be.

…and don’t forget the aftercare!

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