Top 5 for #TeamTaboo

2015 was a BIG year for Taboo Radio. (Most importantly,) I joined the team; but some other very exciting things happened that changed our kinky world. We starting inviting some interesting guests into the studio and you got to meet Master Jack, Snake, Mis Knickers, Lucie Bee and Kim Cums.

So what were our Top 5?

5. #TeamTaboo launches our own shop

With the show gaining popularity across the kink community, we decided now was the time to launch our own shop. Are you part of #TeamTaboo?

4. Taboo Radio joins i-Tunes

Did you know that you can listen to our podcasts on i-Tunes? All of them!

3. Taboo Radio hits 500 followers on Twitter!

It’s not always easy to get social media followers when you’re a kinky, fetish-filled, digital radio show – one’s followers does not necessarily want their mommy knowing that he likes being spanked.


#TeamTaboo joined other media at Sexpo Melbourne, allowing us to run around and talk to porn stars, sex toy inventors and firemen. You can see ALL our photos at our Sexpo Gallery.

1. An Evening with O

#TeamTaboo held our first (and definitely not last) party. With lots of planning (and help from our friends), we decided to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of The Story of O. With lots of food, drink, great friends and play time, we declare this party to have been very successful.

And we’re looking forward to spending 2016 with all of you.

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