Is There a Dress Code for Male #Doms?

I just recently found Christina Mandara‘s’s blog: Blissful Blog. And I’ve found a number of little gems to share with you…

Sexy fashionable couple in dark room


Dress Code For The Male Dom

I saw this question pop up on my wordpress stats, so I thought I’d try and answer it from a female perspective. At the end of the day, the male dominant is a dominant – so he should wear what he damn well pleases, but if he’s new to the lifestyle and looking for a few pointers – I’ll note down a few ideas of what women will appreciate here.

If you turn up in a scruffy pair of jeans with holes all over them and a dirty t-shirt, you’re probably not going to be an attractive prospect for a submissive – unless you’re dressed from head to toe in tats – in which case females will probably melt all over you, and less is more. If that’s not the case then keep reading 😉

As a minimum I’d probably try for a pair of smart jeans in either black or blue, (save the orange ones for Christmas) and a dress shirt. Similarly, I’d keep it plain and simple. It seems to create more of an effect on the opposite sex. Women are strange creatures at the best of times.25374569 Portrait of muscle man posing on a grey background

If you’re one of those guys oozing confidence, notch it up a level with a sexy blazer in black or beige. Power dressing works for me.

All girls love guys in suits and ties, so if you’re coming straight from the office – feel free to leave the work gear on, but I’d probably get out of that nasty, uncomfortable tie 😉

As to footwear, black or brown leather works well. Boots look especially good. Pick something that fits your style and creates an impression.

Okay – that’s just about it from me. Just make sure you have a nice, thick leather belt around your waist – you never know when that might come in handy…




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