Last week, I caught myself from saying ‘you’re throwing like a girl’ to my 5 year old nephew. It felt wrong to even contemplate saying it (although he does throw like what has previously and commonly referred as such).

Our beliefs about male and female relationships are learned, and can be passed onto the next generation.

Playing with my nephew allowed me a moment of honest self-reflection. It is these seemingly harmless phrases we say in front of young people that can be interpreted in ways we don’t intend.

The week before, I had posted this meme:

2016 0417.3

I thought nothing of it. When I was a kid (I suppose I was under 10 at the time), we played kiss chase-y: both boys and girls hit each other when they liked some-one (as well as planting a kiss on that person). There was nothing in my mind that linked this meme to any kind of sexism or abuse. I meant it to be very tongue-in-cheek and sassy. I considered the audience for whom it was published. I never thought that it would be taken any other way.

I was wrong.

I can see why some people were upset; and, you should speak up when someone says or does something that excuses disrespect towards women.

Taboo Radio likes to take the piss out of themselves, sex and kink. We try not to take anything too seriously –Yes, sometimes it may be offensive (so scroll on); but we presume that our audience is on the same wavelength.

Taboo Radio wants you to keep commenting (good or bad) on the things we post. In this case, it’s really given me something to reflect upon. After all, as one woman points out in one of the videos, “I am a girl and that is not something that I should be ashamed of.”

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