Under the Covers

Sydney sexologist Dr Michelle MarsĀ believes we need to be more light-hearted and pleasure focused in our sexual thinking. We LOVE that!

Fap vs Fiddle

May is Masturbation Month. We’ve done research to help us understand what it’s all about. Over 7,600 people took part in our Under the Covers Sex Survey so that gives us some great data to find out where do we do it? who do we do it with? and what are the major differences between masturbation for men and women?

We instinctively know some of the answers to these questions, men do it more frequently (see below) and women use vibrators (80% compared with 20% of men) but let’s have a deeper look at some of our habits and desires when it comes to sex with ourselves.

Masturbation frequency

What are those statistics telling us? In general women are less likely to masturbate than men but they are more likely to masturbate once a week than men. Why?

Personally I don’t think it has anything to do with desire I think it’s about where we are comfortable masturbating, or even the fact that most women use a vibrator and even the little ones are noisy.

Our statistics show no significant differences when it comes to masturbating in private; with a partner (women 79%, men 76%), a friend (women 34%, men 27%) or with someone on the internet (women 49%, men 47%) . But when things become a little less private it seems men are more adventurous than women with 38% of men saying they masturbate at work compared to only 25% of women.

Masturbation frequency

I think men are more likely to take the risk that others might know they popped out for a quick wank because men’s sexuality is more socially acceptable than women’s, made so through myths that men have higher sex drives and irresistible needs. Women on the other hand historically have occupied the moral high ground when it comes to sex. We’re supposed to be more in control of our urges and in the past if we strayed from the path and heaven forbid got pregnant we became fallen women, socially marginalised and financially compromised. Today we know this is no longer the case but the myth prevails.

So girls and boys what are we going to do to make sure that women get to catch up on the masturbations stats. I’d suggest some me time, some do not disturb I am having a wank time, it’s definitely time women came out of the closet. A quick flick of the bean is revitalising, lifts your spirits and puts a smile on your face. Yay for May, let’s celebrate!

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