Just Like Christmas! 🎁

A box arrived on my doorstep. I was expecting it. I brought it inside. I didn’t open it immediately. I just looked at it.

I phoned a friend of mine, Nya. I didn’t want to open the box alone.

I waited about 6 hours for Nya to arrive so we could open the box.


It was my delivery from LoveHoney! Sex toys are no fun to open by yourself – especially this many! I wanted a friend to play with (not PLAY with just play with) when I opened all of these treasures.

giveaway ads 2The first ones we took out were the prizes for the National Masturbation Month Giveaway – I wouldn’t want to open them mistakenly.

Next, we opened and touched every toy remaining in the box – this was going to be exciting!

So, over the remainder of the month, I will be reviewing the toys from this box.

Shall we start, class?

Lovehoney Triple Tickler G-Spot Realistic Dildo Vibrator

triple tickler


Price: $39.95

current deal:
available from LoveHoneylh-au-valentines-3-for-100-700x160

First Impressions

Oh… 😟 it kinda looks like a rabbit vibrator – without the protruding rabbit. Instead, it has a “trio” of nubs. If you watch the video at the bottom of the page, the presenter will tell you it’s realistic because of the veins and contoured head. Hmmm… I don’t know any cocks that look like this so I’m not sold on the realistic thing, either!

It has a vibrating shaft and nubs; where the hell is the triple part? The shaft is more bent than ‘normal’ vibrators – the box says this “targets your G-spot with expert precision.”

Okay…I’m still a little disappointed (I did open GiGi after the Magic Wand Mini (you’ll have to wait to see what I mean by that!)) but we’ll see…

How GiGi measures up

Length: 9 inches

Insertable Length: 5.5 inches

How GiGi feels

Gigi, in comparison to other vibrators of its type, is extremely flexible (“targets your G-spot with expert precision”). Made from a skin-safe rubber, GiGi can swim and dive (unsure about how far!) in the bath, shower or more exhibitionist-happy, wet places.

FYI: no latex

My Experience

It has been quite a while since I have had anything ‘up there,’ (I’m very much a clit chick) so I lubed up GiGi pretty well. Wow! I still LOVE that ‘filled-up’ feeling.

nubsI turned on the multi-speed controller (rather uncomfortably situated at the base of the vibrator) and felt the tickle – it was hitting the right places. I turned the speed up a tad – the tickle grew. However, the nubs didn’t really tickle my clit. I pushed GiGi in further – okay, that was better but still just a tickle.

I set GiGi to work at  her highest speed. I was getting there; I was getting there…but GiGi wasn’t going to be able to push me over into the abyss. I decided I needed to up the intensity on the nubs 💪 BUT you can’t do that with GiGi.

I leaned over on my side (ooh! that’s a little more like it but still not quite) and grabbed my Doxy. Doxy was placed against my clit and against GiGi (at a lower intensity than normal). Holy shit, Batman! Doxy pushed GiGi to new heights. Because GiGi’s curved head sits on your g-spot easily and comfortably, the extra power from the Doxy brought my first grunting orgasm very quickly (about 1 minute) after the build up from GiGi alone 👌. Then, turning Doxy down even further, I enjoyed the aftershocks.



  • hits the right spot
  • quiet
  • waterproof
  • battery operated (2 x AAs not included)
  • Built in – twist base controller (personally I find that annoying when in the throes of ecstasy)
  • not enough power

Final Thoughts

For the price, this is a pretty good toy. It would be great for some-one just starting out with toys. If you’ve been playing with a heavy-duty, plug-in wand, however, I don’t think this will do the trick…sorry 😞Tickler rating

My rating:

So, this is my first review of a sex toy – have I missed anything? Do you need to know more? Please let me know.

Please note: LoveHoney provided this item free of charge but, in no way, influenced this review.


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