Speets, Speeters and Speeting

Last weekend, I met 13 people – actually, it was 10; I already knew 3 people – very quickly! And it was 13 10 KINKY people!

Last weekend, I went SPEETING! (No! No chefs were hurt!) Speed Meeting or SPEETING is a social event for the kink/fetish community based on the awful (and awfully familiar, thanks to US TV) Speed Dating format: meet a potential partner, spend 5 minutes with said potential partner, say good-bye to said potential partner, go home feeling old and lonely.


And this is where SPEETING is different.  It is not divided by binary genders or roles so you have the opportunity to just meet people. Any of those people could become a friend, a partner, a mentor, a protégé, a connection.

This is the perfect chance for kinksters new to the scene, looking to meet like-minded people, or those who just find it hard to get out. It is open to anyone wanting to make some new connections in the Melbourne kink community. All that is required is a real interest in meeting other kinksters, an open mind, and a respectful attitude.

12642732_1014895771887468_3186550103260431814_nArmed with these requirements, I arrive at Splinter, nervous and giggly. A quick hug from Mis Knickers and I’m handed an envelope containing a ‘Prompt Card’, paper and pen. My Prompt Card questions:

  • What kind of vegetable would you be?
  • Why is Nicholas Cage such a good actor?
  • What was the last movie you saw?

These and other conversation starters are there to help you out if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Believe me, 5 minutes can really seem like a really, really long time if you’re not really clicking at all, really! The pen and paper are for my own note-taking during our (very) short breaks. The only problem, if you got along with your current SPEETer, is you tried to fit in more conversation and missed that 1 minute break; so I missed taking notes…and then I was onto the next SPEET.

Woah! Thirteen of those is a tad overwhelming (for me!) Thirteen SPEETs that all blended into one (because I talk too much!) Perhaps I’ll improve with practice?

It’s all very casual and comfortable, and fast!

If you’re interested in SPEETING, the next one is 28th May. Or message Mis Knickers or Renee Glover with any questions.