It’s 5am and I’m woken by cold fingers ransacking my warm pussy. Another cold hand clamps my chilling screams within my throat. Those cold fingers are heating up and delve, one by one, into my cunt. My fear is turning me on. Without lube, an entire fist slips into my soaking pussy. Inside myself, I can feel fingers expanding. My muffled shrieks develop into grunts as the air is thrust out of my lungs. The fingers play me like a piano and, just like that, I belong to them.

neck grabSomehow, that message was communicated to the other hand. It left my mouth, tentatively – just in case it had interpreted the missive incorrectly – and moved slowly, almost like a caress, along my lengthened throat; open and wide over my too-ripe breasts; and stopping at the centre of my torso. That hand manoeuvred me onto my front.

I stayed on my knees, with my ass up in the air, so I could actually handle the sensations being generated from the furnace within me. I heard the owner of those hands spit and felt liquid drip down the crack of my ass and into my asshole. Again, the spit – this time the aim was better and dribbled straight into my hole. Oh! Oh, no! I realized what the owner of those fingers was intending.

My face was rammed into my pillow as a finger spread the wetness around the rim of, and inside, my back passage. Although I knew, and dreaded, what was to follow; right then, I marvelled at the phenomenon being created by that circling finger.

I was becoming overwrought with sensory overload. Yes, it was still dark but there were fireworks going off in my pussy; a shooting star was orbiting my anus; the voices in my head were shouting; and, I could feel my fear, floating above it all, watching the scene and laughing.

oiled doubleThe pain tore through the night’s fury. The hand that had been gently circling my asshole was now holding one of my legs straight up in the air, while a rock-hard phallus thrust in and out of my extended chasm; and the other hand continued to drill my cunt.

I could hardly catch my breath, let alone scream. Then I felt something shudder against me.

My leg was dropped. Foreign objects withdrawn from my orifices. I curled up into a ball. A shadow left my room and I heard the front door close.

I, and every part of me, had been used.

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