My Scene

So, I’m lying on bed – very, very horny…knowing that there is no one who is going to help me with this pent-up frustration.

I reach over to my bag of toys and pull out my favourite toy: the butterfly kiss. I am so very horny that it goes in without any effort

I turn it on: the motor hums; the sensations – teasing.

I need much more.

I turn the speed and intensity up… then some more – this is just NOT going to do it for me.

I grab my lube and coat my baby butt plug.  Slowly, slowly I insert it.

Aaah, it’s in… and I have the wonderful sensation of being filled.

4 in a boxI enjoy that feeling for a moment then I reach out for my Hitachi Magic Wand. I place it where the curve of the clit tickler and inserted part meet. I turn it on – it sends the vibrator into overdrive. I can feel the inside bit moving around instead of just vibrating. My clit is buzzing with joy. I turn the speed up.

Holy shit! That’s it!

…but my legs keep clamping together and I can’t seem to allow the sensations take over. I remove all my toys and find the starter bondage set that I bought: : I take out the leg restraints, attach them to my bed; and insert my ankles.

I have kept all the toys within reach so I start again. This time I put the butt plug in first. Again that wonderful feeling. Then the vibrator. Then the Wand.

Oh….this is better.

I lay back and let the sensations flow over me.

Little do I know that I had left the front door open and you were standing at my bedroom doorway watching me.

You watch until it looks like I am about to climax.

Then you crawl into my room to the foot of my bed. You slowly take out the butt plug.

It feels to me that I pushed it out with my tensed muscles.

So I still don’t know you’re there.

open assYou cup my ass with your hand and insert your thumb into my still well-lubricated ass-hole.

What the…?

Because my legs are bound, I can’t get myself up to see what’s going on – but the feeling is wonderful, so I let it keep going.

Next, you take away the Wand and put it to one side. The noise I make tells you that I’m not happy about it.

“Shhhh,” you whisper, “….close your eyes.”

I do as I’m told…because that thumb is moving in and out of ass and making me very happy. It also feels so naughty. And, even though I haven’t worked out who you are, I’m enjoying not knowing.

1. blindfoldedYou remove your thumb and take the blindfold from my kit – you blindfold me, while whispering in my ear, “I won’t hurt you, little one.”

The vibrator is still inside my pussy so the sound of your voice in my ear and the humming of the little machine makes all my muscles clench.

You attach the hand restraints to my bed and to me. I am now spread-eagled naked across my bed with just a blindfold, and a lot of vulnerability.

“Oh, little one,” you say, “you look edible and I’m ravenous.”

You leave the vibrator where it is and decide to claim ownership to my body. This is beginning to scare me. But you start to run your hands and mouth over my body. squeezyYour hands dance over my boobs, followed by your tongue swirling around my nipples. Your tongue plays there until my nipples are hard little nubs…then you pinch them, both at the same time.

I cry out.

Your tongue returns to ‘heal’ them…then you bite my left nipple.

I cry out again.

Your hands have been moving down my body, over the swell of my tummy, tumblr_ldwg5duBRX1qf1dmao1_500so that when I cry out, you insert two fingers into my pussy, with the vibrator.

I am so wet and hungry.

You move yourself so that you are astride me – your face looking towards my toes.

You slide your fingers and the vibrator from my cunt and insert a very wet middle finger into my asshole, while your thumb circles my clit.

My hips are thrusting forward.

“Calm down, little one,” you say. “Open your mouth.”

I do as I’m told.

You hang your cock above my mouth and let the pre-cum drip onto my lips. I lick them and open my mouth again. You lower your cock so the tip of it sits on my lower lip. I try to take it into my mouth – you pull it away.

“Just leave your mouth open,” you order, ”I will do the rest.”

I open my mouth widely. Everything about me is exposed and under your control.

024_RedTube_suckYou lower your cock to my mouth again, very slowly, just to see if I will behave. I leave my mouth open and try not to move, even though your thumb is adding pressure to my clit and I think you have put another finger in my asshole.

You lower yourself further. My tongue reaches out.

“Not yet, little one,” you say.

You allow more of your cock into my mouth…and more. Finally, you are almost sitting on my face – your balls on my nose.

“Now, little one, swirl your tongue around my cock.”

I try to do as I am told.

Your thumb is mimicking the movement of my tongue. I can’t keep still despite the restraints.

You keep your cock in my mouth but remove all the other pleasurable things from my body. I make a noise, a grunt, to show my displeasure.

“Stay still, or there will be no pleasure for you,” you command.

I stop moving.

“Keep your tongue moving,” you bark.

You lean down and insert I-don’t-know-how-many fingers into my asshole. All I know is that I have never felt this full or stretched. You put the tip of your tongue on my clit. I move forward to meet you. You remove your tongue.

“I told you not to move,” you warn.

I am almost in tears. I am so frustrated. I need some release. I lay still.

Once again, the tip of your tongue touches my clit.

I stay still.

The tip of your tongue dances slowly around my clit. I want you to touch it, to lick it, to do anything you want!

I stay still, hoping for more. I swirl my tongue around your cock with more intensity, thinking if I can please you, you will please me.

The warmth of your tongue envelops my clit. You can hear my muffled sigh

“Do NOT cum!” you order, “I have more, better things planned and you will not get them if you cum.”

I lay still, praying that I can handle all these sensations.

When your tongue invades the heat and wetness of my cunt, I buck and thrash and suddenly, waves are flowing over me and your face is soaked in my juices.

“Ah,” you say, “you have no control. You will have to be taught. Now stay still.”

Your tongue continues its exploration of my pussy. You wiggle your fingers in my ass. I try to remain still.  Your tongue begins to mimic a cock and thrust in and out of my pussy. Your cock starts to copy the rhythm until you are fucking my mouth. I wrap my lips around the girth of your cock as you thrust in and out of my mouth.

You move faster and faster. I think I’m about to choke. I try to take a breath, when I feel the warmth of you running down the back of my throat. I swallow it and try to breath.

You move your body from my face. You take your fingers and tongue from my body and I can hear you moving around but I don’t know what you’re doing…until I feel the tip of your cock rubbing against the lips of my cunt.

You lift my ass up and put your knees beneath it. You slowly put your cock into my cunt. I’m holding my breath. I feel the head enter my warmth, then more of you…I sigh contentedly (still trying not to move)…then more of you.

I can feel your cock in my tummy – at least that’s what it feels like.

fucked in chainsYou loosen the restraints on my feet and place my ankles over your shoulders, as you thrust the fullness of you into my inviting cunt. I grunt. You move rhythmically, with total control.

“Now you can start moving. Meet my cock with your body,” you demand.

As you plunge deeper, I lift my hips to meet you and swallow more and more of your cock. You’re holding me on an angle, so you are drilling into me. You thrust your thumbs into my asshole and grip onto my butt cheeks, so tightly that I can feel your nails.

The pumping begins to move faster. I grunt with each movement as the breath leaves my body.

You are holding onto my ass and spreading my cheeks wider and wider as you thrust as deep as you can into my body. I feel like I am about to break. Your grip tightens. I scream out. You fuck me faster and harder – harder than I have ever been fucked before.

Suddenly, it slows down as you cum inside me – yet deepens, if that’s possible, like you’re trying to milk all the juices from your body.

You remove your cock from my pussy.

I feel empty.

I feel you moving around me again.

tumblr_lehh4irHvi1qf1dmao1_500“Lick our juices from my cock,” you command, as you place your cock on my lips.

I begin to lap the wetness from your cock, trying to get each drop, trying to make you happy.

When I have done this, to your satisfaction, you move away from my mouth.

Once again, I hear you moving.

“Stay still, little one,” you whisper, “don’t move,” as you undo the restraints around my hands.

“Stay still, even if I have let you free,” you whisper.

I don’t move.

I hear you moving around some more.


Then I don’t hear anything anymore.

I remove my blindfold and you’re gone.


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