electric2Oh, just a (hot, sexy, electric, steamy) short story by Christina Mandara from her Blissful Blog:

“Take it like a good girl, Lois. The first one will be fun.” James gloved hands moved the hood of my clitoris upwards, so the wand could have better access, and he began moving it around in slow circles. He brought me to fever pitch within twenty seconds and I was almost ashamed of myself.

“Don’t fight me, Lois. Just relax and let it happen.”

Easy for you to say, but in the end, I had no choice in the matter. My orgasm ripped through my body with the force of a category five hurricane. It was so fierce and so sudden, I barely had time to appreciate its beauty because another one was suddenly bubbling up inside me.

I had a moment to wonder what was wrong with me, because it usually took ages before I got myself anywhere near the land of ‘O’ but the insistent pressure of the wand remained and I swear it couldn’t have been longer than another minute or so, before I rocketed into my next orgasm. That was when my head began to shatter into a thousand, bright white tiny pieces.

bdsm-xxx-sexy-sub-is-suspended-and-given-a-leg-trembling-orgasm-8Coughing, spluttering, and squirming madly, I tried my best to avoid the wand’s insistent pressure, but James had other ideas. “Stay still, or I’ll turn it up, princess.”

OMG. This thing wasn’t on its highest setting? My clit was now burning in pain, and more than anything I wanted to avoid the intense vibrations that were going to be bringing me headlong into another dimension of earth shattering convulsions. Orgasms are great, don’t get me wrong, but too many orgasms all at the same time are almost as painful as they are pleasurable.

“Breathe, Lois. Just breathe.”

And what the hell was this breathing thing? My whole body had locked up in a rigid line and my eyes were going to pop out of my head. Be that as it may, it didn’t slow my third orgasm down in the slightest and in its wake my whole body started to shake uncontrollably. My legs were rattling in the stirrups and a low keening hum started in my throat as I pleaded with James to end my torment.

“What do you do for a living, Lois?” The bastard smiled at me and the wand, if that were possible, began to vibrate harder. It was unbearable and I had no option but to suffer under its cruel wrath.

It took me a minute to prise my jaws apart. “I thought you weren’t here to learn my secrets?” I whispered, and there were tears of pain in my eyes.

“I’m not. This is purely for entertainment value on my behalf. When you give me an acceptable answer, I’ll turn the wand off.” Having said that, he ground it into my clit and I screamed. I swear if I’d had the use of my hands, I’d have ripped his neck off. Unsure of how much more punishment I could take, my lips formed the words, “Fitness instructor,” and I ground them out. It was another lie, but it fit with his earlier comments about my body tone, so I hoped it would appease him.

aa112It didn’t. The wand notched itself up another level and I was seeing stars. “What do you teach?” The half smirk on his face told me that he still didn’t believe me, and there was no chance of answering his question because I was too busy sobbing through my way through orgasm number four. Though I hadn’t considered the finer details of the female anatomy before, I was now coming to realise that there was such a thing as too much pleasure, and it equalled pain.

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diirrty of breviloquence {érotique} has my heart vagina!

by the time I woke, you had already showered and made yourself comfortable on the balcony hammock. the cool morning breeze gently rocking you from side to side, and that same breeze called me to the open door to join you. you wore the same delicate black lingerie you wore last night, and the same white business shirt that i wore.

previewas i approached, i realised that it wasn’t the breeze rocking the hammock from side to side. with one hand holding a book, and the other beneath the lace of your panties, your body began to arch.

i was spellbound.

realising that i now stood behind you, you turned your head, but didn’t stop.

“oh good, i’m glad you’re awake. i want you to watch me come.”


Easily Aroused

I was checking out the Top 100 Sex Blogs (as decided by Rori at Between My Sheets) and found Easily Aroused – erotic fiction by an over-sexed Englishman…and this fabulous story:

The Gift of Acceptance

BlindfoldWomanA blindfold tied carefully into place, so that it will not loosen or slip.

Led by the hand through the darkness into…

Warm room.

Sultry music.

Hushed voices.

The scents of perfume and sandalwood and cologne.

Her husband’s hands drawing down the zip on her dress, slipping it from her shoulders.

The noise of her dress falling down her body to the floor.

Standing in the unknown room, naked except for the ankle boots and the sheer black stockings, knowing that her body is being studied, scrutinised, anticipated.

The sound of footsteps approaching; coming closer, closer.

The soft, warm touch of a stranger’s strong hands, on her shoulder, her arm, her breasts. And now more hands, more strangers.

Led forward again, pressed gently back against the softness of a leather couch.

The thrilling aroma of aroused cock, somewhere close to her face.

The scent of raw lust seeping from between her trembling thighs.

Her mouth opens, lips parting to welcome one stranger’s smooth cock-head, mouth watering as her tongue finds rigid flesh.

Hands – many hands – stroking her body in endless waves.

Mouths tease her soft breasts and her hard nipples.

A clever tongue seeks her aching clitoris.

The sudden, drawn-out gasp of a woman’s pleasure.

Her gasp.

Her pleasure.

A taut cock-head brought forth to kiss the entrance to her soaking sex.

“Yes,” she sighs, “yes.” Accepting the stranger inside her.

Accepting her desire.


When Fantasy Becomes Reality

After all the fantasies in my head, it was finally going to happen today!

3.50 – I receive a text: 10 mins away

4.00 – Next text: Walking up the driveway

presentSo, I’m presenting as commanded: kneeling on the bed, with my legs spread; and my ass in the air, facing towards the door. I hear the front door open and I take a deep breath. (camera click) I hear His shoes come off, His belt undone, His pants dropping. I feel a cold hand on the right cheek of my butt, grabbing it like a child with a Christmas present. He runs both His hands from my flanks, along my body and up to my shoulders. Then I hear Him drop to His knees. I feel the unshaven stubble against the tender skin of my bottom; then I feel the warmth of His tongue invade my asshole. I let out a trembling breath. His entire face is buried between my cheeks.

thumb (1)I feel one finger tentatively circle my anus then push it’s way into the tightness. Mmm…I love that feeling. His finger is replaced with a slightly thicker thumb. (camera click) Then, two fingers. Holy Shit! How many fingers do you have in there? I ask. Two. Should I try another one? He replies. Hell, yes!

The fingers are withdrawn. I feel the emptiness. Then a larger, cold tip is pushing at my still-tight hole. He pushes it in further. I feel tingles run from my ass all the way to my shoulders. ‘Tingles’ doesn’t actually describe those feelings – it was like, when I was a lot younger and I had taken an Ecstasy tablet and, when I ran my nails over my stockings and the feeling that happened then. Those feelings took my breath away. Do you want more? He asks. I want Your cock, please…

Lubed Up (1)Cold lube dribbles into my ass. He spreads my ass cheeks. (camera click) He massages some lube into and around my hole. He slides His cock into my warmth. Oh, my! He fits perfectly. He slaps my butt. I startle, as if I have been shocked with a jolt of electricity. He starts with short thrusts, lengthening as He feels me relax. Then He starts thrusting. He isn’t just in my ass; He is fucking my ass. And I am groaning loudly with enjoyment. Why haven’t I done this sooner?Intro (1)

He removes His cock. I hear something behind me. He starts to enter my hole again. Oh! I really do like that initial entry! (camera click) He delves in deeper. (camera click) He climbs onto the bed so He is standing astride me and drilling my ass. Those primal grunts are coming from me?

Turn over. With your head down this end. He removes the condom. His cock hangs above my face. I open my mouth and His cock falls within it as He leans forward to finger, lick and nuzzle my pussy…for forever! How do I keep sucking His cock and playing with His balls when there are so many fabulous sensations being generated from my nether regions?

He stands again; grabs another condom as He moves to the other side of the bed. He gently pushes His cock inside my pussy. We are finally face to face. I look up at his face, so close to mine. I grin. So hi! How are you?



It’s 5am and I’m woken by cold fingers ransacking my warm pussy. Another cold hand clamps my chilling screams within my throat. Those cold fingers are heating up and delve, one by one, into my cunt. My fear is turning me on. Without lube, an entire fist slips into my soaking pussy. Inside myself, I can feel fingers expanding. My muffled shrieks develop into grunts as the air is thrust out of my lungs. The fingers play me like a piano and, just like that, I belong to them.

neck grabSomehow, that message was communicated to the other hand. It left my mouth, tentatively – just in case it had interpreted the missive incorrectly – and moved slowly, almost like a caress, along my lengthened throat; open and wide over my too-ripe breasts; and stopping at the centre of my torso. That hand manoeuvred me onto my front.

I stayed on my knees, with my ass up in the air, so I could actually handle the sensations being generated from the furnace within me. I heard the owner of those hands spit and felt liquid drip down the crack of my ass and into my asshole. Again, the spit – this time the aim was better and dribbled straight into my hole. Oh! Oh, no! I realized what the owner of those fingers was intending.

My face was rammed into my pillow as a finger spread the wetness around the rim of, and inside, my back passage. Although I knew, and dreaded, what was to follow; right then, I marvelled at the phenomenon being created by that circling finger.

I was becoming overwrought with sensory overload. Yes, it was still dark but there were fireworks going off in my pussy; a shooting star was orbiting my anus; the voices in my head were shouting; and, I could feel my fear, floating above it all, watching the scene and laughing.

oiled doubleThe pain tore through the night’s fury. The hand that had been gently circling my asshole was now holding one of my legs straight up in the air, while a rock-hard phallus thrust in and out of my extended chasm; and the other hand continued to drill my cunt.

I could hardly catch my breath, let alone scream. Then I felt something shudder against me.

My leg was dropped. Foreign objects withdrawn from my orifices. I curled up into a ball. A shadow left my room and I heard the front door close.

I, and every part of me, had been used.

Sinning Wistfully

seamusHow hot are the written words of The Wistful Sinner, whose writing seduces, entices, and brings you to a trembling edge:

In a Strong, Quiet Voice

“I know you heard me…I said, turn your sweet ass around and present to me. I will not be saying it a third time.”

And I won’t.

I will always allow you to disobey, that is your choice.

Honestly, sometimes I enjoy when you test me. I love the fire in your eyes when you say “No.”

It’s that balance, that give/take, that sets you apart from the others. It’s what keeps me hungry, interested.

When you submit your body, your saturated flesh, when you do this at my quiet command, I feel the blessing of complete trust.

When you dig in your heels, when you make me prove, make me punish, you treat it as a mutual gift. A moment for us to test our bonds, often with you bound. I cherish your free will, your strong nature. You keep me hard, ready.

But right now, I suggest you turn that sweet ass around and present.

I have something special for you, my pet.


You sent me a message.

bowed down 3You told me to get ready: to take off all my clothes; to open the front door; to wait, ready in my lounge room, on my hands and knees with my face to the floor and my ass in the air, towards the front door; and to stuff my cunt with the largest dildo that I owned.

I excitedly groomed myself as directed.

And I waited.

In my eagerness to be ready, I was early. So I waited.

I knew that you intended to come in and leave the door open. I knew that you intended to come in and, if you so wished, to use me then and there. I knew that you intended to come in and, if you so wished, to fuck my asshole.

So I waited.

I was becoming anxious and panicky: not because you weren’t here yet but because I had never had a cock in my ass before. My last boyfriend had put his finger in my ass. I had experimented alone with a small butt plug and a lot of lube. I had experimented alone with a larger butt plug and a lot of lube. I had experimented alone with an even larger butt plug and a lot of lube. But I had never had a cock in my ass before.

So I waited.