You stand over me as I try again to fist myself – I still can’t do it. And no matter how hard you encourage me, I cannot do it.

Angrily, you flip me over. You wipe the butt plug along my cunt, covering it in pussy juices. Then, without thought to my comfort, you stuff it in my virgin hole.

“Yes, my little one, I WILL be invading that hole with my cock very soon!”

Still standing above me but between my legs, you order your whore to insert her vibrator – the one with the remote control, the one that you control. Slowly you turn up the speed and intensity on both the rotating head and clit tickler until they are at their maximum.

You snarl into my ear, “Don’t you dare cum, you Slut, I have more to do…”

You put down the remote control down beside me: “Don’t even think of touching it, Whore!” I am squirming and groaning with the intensity of the vibrator.

You lean into my top drawer and withdraw my Hitachi Magic Wand. You remove the padded head so just the hard nub is vibrating and turn the speed up to high.

“I’m going to use this on you now. You will enjoy it, you Whore, but if you cum, I will punish you.”

You blindfold me so I cannot see what you are going to do…then I feel the intense vibration on my left nipple. My back arches and I groaned loudly. HOLY FUCK!

“You would like that, wouldn’t you, my filthy fucktoy?” you say, laughing meanly.

You move it down my stomach. I am holding my breath. Then you take it away from my skin completely. I can hear the motor running and your breath but I don’t know what you’re going to do next.

“You want more, don’t you, Whore?” you growl in my ear.

I whine in response.

“Tell me how much you want me to use this on you, to use you completely.”

I beg: “Please, please, I want it. Let me cum”

“No, you still can’t cum but I might give you more of this because you asked so nicely, Bitch!”

You put the head of the toy at the base of the butt plug. I scream out. FUCK! I have never felt that kind of sensation before.

“See, you Slut? You will beg for more when I start using your asshole as MY second cunt,” you spit out.

Suddenly, you move the head of the toy so it sits on the clit tickler. It puts it into overdrive. I am thrashing, writhing, panting like a dog, begging you: “please, please, please, can I cum now?”

oh yeah

Will you let me cum?

Find out in Punished


2 thoughts on “Please…

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  2. Just read above & Punished. Very arousing! I wish I could spank you for making me so HARD! I type this one handed! Wink

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