When Fantasy Becomes Reality

After all the fantasies in my head, it was finally going to happen today!

3.50 – I receive a text: 10 mins away

4.00 – Next text: Walking up the driveway

presentSo, I’m presenting as commanded: kneeling on the bed, with my legs spread; and my ass in the air, facing towards the door. I hear the front door open and I take a deep breath. (camera click) I hear His shoes come off, His belt undone, His pants dropping. I feel a cold hand on the right cheek of my butt, grabbing it like a child with a Christmas present. He runs both His hands from my flanks, along my body and up to my shoulders. Then I hear Him drop to His knees. I feel the unshaven stubble against the tender skin of my bottom; then I feel the warmth of His tongue invade my asshole. I let out a trembling breath. His entire face is buried between my cheeks.

thumb (1)I feel one finger tentatively circle my anus then push it’s way into the tightness. Mmm…I love that feeling. His finger is replaced with a slightly thicker thumb. (camera click) Then, two fingers. Holy Shit! How many fingers do you have in there? I ask. Two. Should I try another one? He replies. Hell, yes!

The fingers are withdrawn. I feel the emptiness. Then a larger, cold tip is pushing at my still-tight hole. He pushes it in further. I feel tingles run from my ass all the way to my shoulders. ‘Tingles’ doesn’t actually describe those feelings – it was like, when I was a lot younger and I had taken an Ecstasy tablet and, when I ran my nails over my stockings and the feeling that happened then. Those feelings took my breath away. Do you want more? He asks. I want Your cock, please…

Lubed Up (1)Cold lube dribbles into my ass. He spreads my ass cheeks. (camera click) He massages some lube into and around my hole. He slides His cock into my warmth. Oh, my! He fits perfectly. He slaps my butt. I startle, as if I have been shocked with a jolt of electricity. He starts with short thrusts, lengthening as He feels me relax. Then He starts thrusting. He isn’t just in my ass; He is fucking my ass. And I am groaning loudly with enjoyment. Why haven’t I done this sooner?Intro (1)

He removes His cock. I hear something behind me. He starts to enter my hole again. Oh! I really do like that initial entry! (camera click) He delves in deeper. (camera click) He climbs onto the bed so He is standing astride me and drilling my ass. Those primal grunts are coming from me?

Turn over. With your head down this end. He removes the condom. His cock hangs above my face. I open my mouth and His cock falls within it as He leans forward to finger, lick and nuzzle my pussy…for forever! How do I keep sucking His cock and playing with His balls when there are so many fabulous sensations being generated from my nether regions?

He stands again; grabs another condom as He moves to the other side of the bed. He gently pushes His cock inside my pussy. We are finally face to face. I look up at his face, so close to mine. I grin. So hi! How are you?


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